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Wellness Links

The following list of websites and products are either things I have used personally, am currently using, or would recommend even without affiliate links. I strive to be transparent, therefore you will note that some of the links posted are affiliate links, meaning I could receive a small commission from any purchase made through the link. Please know that I do not make recommendations without first researching and trying the product myself. Lastly, please consult with myself or another qualified practitioner before self-diagnosing or treating symptoms. It is a much safer investment to have a consultation to develop a personalized plan for your individual health needs. This list has been compiled for the ease and convenience of ordering for my current patients. 

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Please click this link to sign up for a FullScript account. This account will give you acess to many supplement plans at a discount, including supplement brands like Designs for Health, Thorne, Ortho Molecular, Apex Energetics, Pure Encapsulations, Integrative Therapeutics, Klaire Labs, Rosita and more:

This link will take you to Green Compass products with a $10 off coupon:

This link will take you to Queen of The Thrones products:

This link will take you to Touchstone Essentials Zeolite Detox Pack. This a gentile but effective way for most people to detox from heavy metals, mold toxins and more:

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